Optimistic, Hopeful, Forward-Looking People

If a house divided against itself can't stand, I don't know what happens to a house divided against itself and then divided again into warring factions. Does that kind of house spontaneously combust? Or maybe it gets overrun by rioters. On Tuesday evening in the US, Joe Biden addressed a fractious body of lawmakers, flanked by Kamala Harris and Kevin McCarthy who, by all accounts, sold out the speakership to secure it. Were it not for a laundry list of concessions made to the GOP's irascible f

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3 thoughts on “Optimistic, Hopeful, Forward-Looking People

  1. Re: Your last sentence. Which part do you doubt, that American’s are “inherently optimistic, hopeful and forward looking people” or that they “favor stability over chaos”? (Sorry if I’m violating punctuation rules)

    I certainly think the preference for stability is true and that the minority favoring chaos is a significant (but not the only) factor in the growth of pessimism.

    I certainly don’t think a politician of his experience is naïve.

    Not sure to whom to ascribe the quote, but ” You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.”

    Even if you don’t like his policies (I personally don’t like all of them), how about giving the guy some points for trying?

  2. I don’t know about your last assertion. He is speaking about “inherently”, American’s may or may not be optimistic these days, but inherently yes they are. Same goes for hopeful, forward looking, and preferring stability over chaos. In fact preferring stability over chaos has never left the vast majority of American’s desire without any qualifications needed.

  3. How can Biden “make sure the supply chain begins in America” if there is no slack in the US job market? Who’s gonna do it???

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