Three Stories For 2023’s Everything Rally

There are three stories driving the market in 2023 and those stories are "distinctly different." That's according to Morgan Stanley's Andrew Sheets, who noted that in stark contrast to 2022, almost everything is up so far this year. "It's been one of the strongest starts to a year in recent memory," he said. Remember: US Treasurys were almost guaranteed to rise this year. 10-year US government bonds (or their equivalent) haven't suffered three consecutive years of losses in the (admittedly sho

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4 thoughts on “Three Stories For 2023’s Everything Rally

  1. I agree with Hansson on the AI, it is impressive.

    How does this work?

    Does one essentially input: show me a cartoon bull sitting on a sky piercing stack of books, reading a book, pausing to ponder what it just read? Or does one manually select from pre existing parameters? Surely this art is a relatively substantial extension of the operators experience on any given subject with the degree of fine tuning provided via the operators basic understanding of composition etc…

    May i also ask who the vendor is?

  2. Seems odd that the MS house view of no recession coexists with Wilson’s EPS expectation (was it dn 20%, I forget). Seems an odd juxtaposition. Yet, with experience working in pods of multiple investment banks, I realize that this is quite possible.

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