Pricing 2025 Risk

Rabobank's Michael Every and the incomparable Zoltan Pozsar may not agree about the plausibility of any "New Monetary World Order" thesis, but they appear to be on the same page about at least one thing: Markets are too sanguine about down-the-road inflation outcomes given geopolitical tensions. According to what The Washington Post dryly described as an "unusually blunt memo," Air Force general Mike Minihan, who oversees America's fleet of transport and refueling aircraft, suggested troops sh

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2 thoughts on “Pricing 2025 Risk

  1. I can’t deny the possibilities described above. I get the point. But aside from assuring the destruction of their country and culture, to what gain can such pea-brained goals be rewarding for the seven mental dwarfs that now run China. These mindless totalitarians would rather enable their own country to be destroyed and make the entire world a difficult place to live and survive?

    Certainly, with Putin invading Ukraine, we know what a totalitarian jackass looks like. Now Xi wants to follow Putin’s example? If so, Xi is diving into the same pool of delusion in which Putin can barely keep his head above water.

    One can see how the totalitarian perspective, the idea of domination and control, can lead fools to imagine themselves having the capacity to export their domination. But that’s such a ridiculously tall order. Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and perhaps India would not abide. The US is already positioning in the Philippines. Japan is enlarging its navy. And with this warning you shared this morning, the US is only going to build its forward operating capabilities.

    The Chinese could potentially choose a different course. It’s not as if they have nothing else to offer the world. But if this prediction comes to be, the leadership of China is short on imagination and long on self-harm.

  2. For at least a decade I have been wondering about China and Siberia- I think China has a revanchist vision like Russia, and this makes Putin truly oblivious- he is opening the tent to China when they are the true threat, not Nato…..I guess Patrushev is an idiot too….

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