Good Copy, Bad Copy

Copy for the sake of it. I'm not a fan. Noteworthy market news was sparse Thursday, to put it politely. A less polite account of another session adrift between holidays might find someone like myself asking what the point is. If everyone who's anyone is determined to take this week off, then why bother opening markets at all? It's almost as if we think capitalism demands it. Financial media outlets, mainstream and otherwise, are compelled to "explain" the price action even during weeks when th

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3 thoughts on “Good Copy, Bad Copy

  1. Having toiled on the city desk of a large southern city daily for the first ten years of my post college life, it was both amusing and appalling the stuff we filled copy holes with during slow news days. My publisher — scarily physically and temperamentally reminiscent of Spiderman’s editor J Jonah Jameson — used to say the subscribers paid for a year’s worth of news and dammit, we would provide a year’s worth! Be thankful for the slow days. There will be plenty of days you wish for less news.

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