COVID Easing Versus Policy Tightening

Markets were muted and sentiment subdued Tuesday, as news of incremental easing in China's COVID restrictions was largely offset by worries about additional tightening in developed market monetary policy. Beijing did away with testing requirements for most public venues, joining a hodgepodge of other key cities in relaxing measures blamed for widespread protests. Negative tests are still mandatory for restaurants and nursing homes in the capital, but it's clear the leadership would rather pacif
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4 thoughts on “COVID Easing Versus Policy Tightening

  1. Even Juckes sees the descending channel of SPX. It’s all I have been looking at as bulls test its upper limit yet again. I reduced my equity position yesterday and started a tiny bonds position. For a 2% dump and vols barely moved. Some have said the SPX move was entirely the $ repricing, which sort of makes sense.

    I’ve been keeping my arms inside the bus.

  2. FWIW, daily cases here in NYC have jumped ~33% in ten days (give or take). A 23% increase in cases yesterday brought the number to 4,182 over the last 24 hours.

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