Powell Didn’t Try To Kill The Rally. And That’s Notable

There wasn't much America's beleaguered technocrat in chief could've said differently this week to short circuit the rebound on Wall Street. And maybe he wasn't trying. I should probably rephrase: There wasn't much Jerome Powell could've said differently without changing the narrative as expounded by the November FOMC statement, his own remarks at last month's post-FOMC meeting press conference, subsequent remarks from his colleagues and minutes from last month's policy gathering. A "step down
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One thought on “Powell Didn’t Try To Kill The Rally. And That’s Notable

  1. well … with Dems losing the House, the US with a divided Congress, won’t be passing any major fiscal stimulus over the next two years…while Powell doesn’t admittedly understand inflation dynamics I gotta believe he understands the economic effects of political gridlock…

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