‘You Can’t Go Anywhere’: China Reopening Meme ‘Lasted A Week’

‘You Can’t Go Anywhere’: China Reopening Meme ‘Lasted A Week’

I'm not sure about much these days, but 26,824 isn't 0. Of that much, I'm certain. 26,824 is how many new local COVID cases China reported for Sunday. That figure is close to levels seen earlier this year, when a draconian lockdown in Shanghai crippled the world's second-largest economy. Six months and one coronation ceremony later finds Xi's reconstituted Standing Committee trying to locate a tedious middle ground between the "COVID zero" strategy to which Xi demanded officials adhere in the
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2 thoughts on “‘You Can’t Go Anywhere’: China Reopening Meme ‘Lasted A Week’

  1. “Last year, the Party said it might clear the BioNTech-Pfizer shot, but later decided to focus on developing the technology domestically. ” This remains astonishing to me. It would have been so simple to have Fosun do some clinical trials in China to claim domestic “co-development” credit, and roll out the BNTX vaccine. As well as to take over one of the nasal vaccine efforts, which are lagging for lack of funding, and claim that as a Chinese scientific triumph, delivering Chinese a next-gen nasal vaccine unavailable to Western countries. The manufacturing of the nasal vaccines is simpler than the mRNA vaccines and China could easily do it.

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