US Believes Daria Dugina Assassinated By Ukrainians: NYT

US Believes Daria Dugina Assassinated By Ukrainians: NYT

War is hell. Elements within the Ukrainian government might've been responsible for the August 20 murder of Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a would-be political philosopher and pseudo-mystic whose ultranationalist views are often cited in Western media as an inspiration for Vladimir Putin's descent into imperial delirium. Dugin's influence on the Kremlin is exaggerated, as evidenced by the lack of a direct battlefield response to the death of his daughter, who was killed instant
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11 thoughts on “US Believes Daria Dugina Assassinated By Ukrainians: NYT

  1. Call me cynical or callous, but seems to me that organs of Putin propaganda should be fair game targets in resisting the outrageous war of conquest. If only they had managed to successfully target the master of evil, Vlad himself….

    1. +1

      She wasn’t very significant but either way the US is frankly not in a position to criticise anyone for murdering terrorists and affiliated by less than strictly legal means. Drone program, yes?

  2. Supposedly they were after “Daddy Dugin”
    Given what is going on in Ukraine it seems hardly surprising that it might have been done by an element in the Ukraine intelligence service or higher up, way above our pay grades on this one though. I would really like to know for sure if the Russians blew up the nordstream pipelines and if that was their way of sending a message to Nato countries supporting Ukraine. What will the response be if they take out other Nato countries infrastructure by overt or covert means? It seem that the odds of a confrontation directly with Russia in Ukraine by the US/Nato is going up by the day. A hot war with Russia directly is a very scary but real possiblity.

    1. The last thing Russia wants is a hot war with NATO. Twenty years of kleptocracy and Putin’s eight-month misadventure in Ukraine has come close to breaking the Russian military; a fully engaged NATO would be more than a match for Putin’s conventional army, navy, and air force.

  3. I think Russia will avoid a hot war with NATO. They chose to fight the Ukranians who only have a tiny bit of NATO weaponry, and in so doing have lost the large majority of their ground combat power, more aircraft than they thought possible, and the flagship of the Black Sea fleet.

    They know what will happen if they fight NATO itself. NATO airpower will work with the Ukranians to cripple the Russian forces in Ukraine, destroy any Russian aircraft that don’t flee back into Russia, sink the rest of their Black Sea ships, and Putin’s position will be even more tenuous.

    He needs to think about reserving some military force in Russia for his own protection. Wagner’s mercenary forces and the Chechen forces have notably avoided the worst of the fighting that has decimated Russia’s regular forces. Putin and his generals do not have control of those forces, and are probably getting nervous.

  4. What blows my mind is that this somehow leaked to the New York Times. If this is what the administration is thinking, then fine. Leaking that information suggests a serious failure to protect confidential national security information. (I have a hard time conceiving of a scenario where the admin decided their best option was to purposefully leak this, thought that’s always a possibility).

  5. We are at war. There will be many mysteries that don’t get solved. If it was the Ukranians, it was incredibly stupid. I am from NYC originally. Stupid is the worst insult there is. As for assassination in general, it is prefereable to many alternatives. Imagine if Khomeini had been assassinated. Or Patrushev- this would make Putin a man without a logical successor. Remember, Russia is 58th in per capita income- and that is seriously declining. There will be no peace till Putin is decaffeinated.

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