Elon Musk Scales New Heights Of Ignominy

Elon Musk Scales New Heights Of Ignominy

Let me state this clearly: I have no desire to waste my time or yours documenting the latest twist in the tragicomedy that is Elon Musk's farcical on-again, off-again bid for Twitter. Time and again I endeavored to wring something meaningful out of this story. I drove down every editorial road, including the "surveillance capitalist" lane, which at least merged with my long-running "gods" thesis that says there's a wealth threshold beyond which mortals become super-humans to the detriment of so
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13 thoughts on “Elon Musk Scales New Heights Of Ignominy

  1. I imagine a man like Elon, with his extraordinary capitalist impulses, maddening ego, and feats of genius must have a strong stomach – but it aches badly, nonetheless.

  2. How about Elon Musk, instead of buying Twitter for $44bln, offers $100k to the first 440000 Russian soldiers that lie down their weapons and defect.


    X Yay
    0 Nay

    Way better use of his money, could end the war without bloodshed within weeks and I’d bet even Twitter shareholders would agree to that deal.

    1. X Yay!

      But, hey, thanks for the reminder of what $44B actually is. A sizeable sum, that has to be multiplied by 440,000 – more times than Russia has soldiers under arms…

  3. H-Man, my youngest son, who is 35 years old, is convinced Musk is an alien with crazy ideas about how to run the world. While dismissing that idea initially, as time goes on it appears to have merit.

  4. I use Starlink for internet in the stix, have a Tesla Powerwall, which saves me (and automatically charges before a storm) from having power outages.

    It’s like Miles Davis, you’ve got to separate the man from his art.

  5. The part I found most disturbing about Musk’s tweets regarding Ukraine was his belief that Crimea should be given back to Russia because it’s only been Ukrainian since the 1950’s. I wonder how he feels about the legitimacy of Israel, or should Iran be able to get the Shia parts of Iraq back, or anything else that came out of the Yalta conference? He seems to believe that if you’ve only owned it for 70 years and someone else can take it by force then it’s fair game.

  6. When social media platforms get over a certain size, they should be subject to regulations. I expect TWTR under Musk will illustrate this before long.

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