Yellen Sanctions Nabiullina Amid Putin’s ‘Forever’ Annexations

Yellen Sanctions Nabiullina Amid Putin’s ‘Forever’ Annexations

Tensions between the West and Vladimir Putin's Russia ratcheted higher still on Friday, when Janet Yellen took aim at her former counterpart, among other high profile officials following sham referendums in occupied Ukrainian territories. "We will not stand by as Putin fraudulently attempts to annex parts of Ukraine," Yellen said, unveiling measures aimed at Elvira Nabiullina, among other "key leaders in Russia’s financial architecture." Arguably, Nabiullina was Putin's most formidable weapo
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4 thoughts on “Yellen Sanctions Nabiullina Amid Putin’s ‘Forever’ Annexations

  1. For my entire lifetime, from the American perspective, the actions of the Russian government have very frequently made the Russians into bad guys. But as we see the families and young men fleeing to Georgia, and any reachable destination to which they can escape from conscription, there’s not a damn thing scary about the broader population of Russian people.

    Nabiullina will be an asset to the same Russian people when this war is over. Russia will be in a world of hurt. They will need someone with Nabiullina’s knowledge and perspective to rebuild the Russian economy. So, it’s not a bad thing that Putin has kept her on in service to the government. I hope she can keep on her game face.

    1. Sorry Dave. Her resignation was feigned.
      Mask of credibility. Living in exile would have made her ripe for the position you recommend. She would’ve found very gainful employment almost anywhere. The poor people fleeing will become even poorer.

  2. A fake resignation? Where’d you hear that? Guess I missed that bit of news…

    Ha! If true, I wouldn’t be surprised. But on the other hand, Putin’s delusional idolatry of himself is a pretty good reason to run the other way. I thought she returned only because Putin gave her a proposition she could not refuse – a la Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

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