Workers Drown Despite Hottest Wage Growth On Record

Consumer psychology improved in the back half of July, a revised read on a key gauge of sentiment suggested. "Improved" is an extremely relative term. The final print on University of Michigan sentiment for July was 51.5, up slightly from the initially reported 51.1, and only marginally better than June's record low. The range of estimates, from nearly four-dozen economists, was 49 to 52.5. The data came on the heels of a third consecutive decline in the Conference Board's gauge, which is catc
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6 thoughts on “Workers Drown Despite Hottest Wage Growth On Record

  1. DNA/Experience’s/Perceptions/Reality, no two people are the same. I guess that’s why at times I’ll listen to someone or read what they’ve written and ask myself wtf. 🙂

  2. Depending on his driving needs Topper might pull the inverse termination trigger and stop paying for the travel weight of the fuel in his tank instead of topping her off he can bottom her up to a quarter of a tank.

  3. If Topper is anything like me (as I suspect), he’s a young-spirited gentleman over 60-ish, and just doesn’t need to put a lot of miles on his car, especially if he is working at home. Either that or he simply stays close to home because he works from home, like many of us, and his life has changed since the pandemic.

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