Squeezes And Pivots

The nascent recovery in beleaguered stocks is rational, but if you ask one popular sell-side strategist, US equities' best month since November of 2020 still constitutes a head fake. "Since the catalyst for the bear market was a repricing of interest rates," the rebound in equities "makes sense" in the context of falling yields, BofA's Michael Hartnett said, in the latest installment of his popular weekly "Flow Show" series. Bonds had a good month too, delivering relief to multi-asset investor
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3 thoughts on “Squeezes And Pivots

  1. Abraham Lincoln said in 1856 – “Our government rests in public opinion.”

    He replied to Stephen A. Douglas in 1858 “Public sentiment is everything. Whoever can change public opinion can change the government.”

    In 1859 he said, “in a Government of the people, where the voice of all the men of the country, enter substantially into the execution, – or administration, rather – of the Government – in such a Government, what lies at the bottom of it all, is public opinion.”

  2. I agree with RIA, good piece. I especially liked Hartnett’s PIVOT limits. Seemed sensible.

    This article stirred my mind to a bit of a non-sequitur. Does anyone out there have any idea roughly how many active professional CTAs are out there moving our markets? Love to know just how sensitive these markets are.

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