Putin Sinks Uniper

Putin Sinks Uniper

Uniper, Olaf Scholz said Friday in Berlin, was experiencing "great difficulty" from Germany's gas crisis. It was an understatement. The energy giant, Germany’s largest buyer of Russian gas, was on the brink of failure, a scenario deemed unacceptably perilous by the government. Economy Minister Robert Habeck described a Lehman-style domino effect last month, as bailout discussions picked up in earnest. If Uniper failed, the world's fourth largest economy would plunge into a deep recession ove
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One thought on “Putin Sinks Uniper

  1. We can expect more financial crackups – due to the Ukranian war, global warming effects, central bank tightening to combat inflation and dollar strength that goes along with the FOMC tightening. The price action in the bond market would suggest the tightening phase at least for the FOMC will come to an end by the end of this year if not sooner.

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