Bull In A China Shop

Bull In A China Shop

"This sends the signal that the economy comes first," a Guangzhou-based investor said Tuesday. "This" was a decision by Chinese authorities to cut mandatory COVID quarantine times for inbound travelers to 10 days, seven in a quarantine facility and another three at home. Before the change, the hotel quarantine period was two weeks. It's been as long as three weeks previously. Needless to say, China's approach to the virus remains anomalous. While the reduced quarantine times were variously des
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One thought on “Bull In A China Shop

  1. The US government (both Democrat and Republican Administrations), Canada, Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands have found that the People’s Republic of China is committing genocide. Even if the PRC was not an otherwise brutal, totalitarian, neocolonialist dictatorship, it would still be deserving of a global boycott, divest, and sanctions movement. The fact that PRC equities may be uninvestable should make a BDS movement more acceptable.

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