Goldman Doubles Recession Odds For Next 12 Months

Goldman Doubles Recession Odds For Next 12 Months

"Encouragingly, economic activity has decelerated," Goldman's David Mericle and Ronnie Walker wrote, while reassessing the outlook for the US economy in the context of the Fed's increasingly aggressive efforts to douse the hottest inflation in 40 years. The quote is emblematic of a paradox that became embedded in market psychology over a decade of extreme monetary accommodation. Good news can be bad news and vice versa. Everything is contextualized via central banks' reaction function, and sign
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4 thoughts on “Goldman Doubles Recession Odds For Next 12 Months

  1. Thanks Heisenberg for what you do. I consider my membership fee as tuition. Anyway, question for you and all your astute readers. I get a lot of my news via podcasts (I drive a lot….) Are there any podcasts that you would recommend in the area of economics/markets/etc.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Now, if the 1% were to do some tax lost harvesting, set aside some of that cash to redeploy during the recession, and donate the balance of the cash to food banks and homeless shelters, they would be doing a great service to our country by putting some of their stash back into the economy, and, would benefit themselves as well.

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