Tesla Looks To Electrify S&P As Engine Starts On 2022

Notwithstanding a somewhat unfortunate smattering of headlines out of Hong Kong, risk sentiment was buoyant to start the new year.

The first week of 2022 will be dominated by Omicron news and the US jobs report, but Tesla managed to grab (more than) a few headlines Monday after breaking a record for quarterly deliveries (figure below).

Wedbush called the 308,600 vehicles “jaw dropping” considering the operating environment.

Deutsche Bank lifted their target on the shares to $1,200 from $1,000.

The stock was set for a banner session and remember, that matters. As much as this continues to irk some of the company’s critics, Tesla is important (figure below).

Wedbush talked up a “green tidal wave.”

“Great work by Tesla team worldwide!”, Elon Musk exclaimed, in a tweet.

2021 was a “great” year for Musk, that’s for sure. He sold billions in shares in the back half of the year amid an ongoing spat with… well, anyone and everyone, really, but especially those with the audacity to champion a wealth tax.

Musk’s net worth ballooned by nearly a quarter trillion dollars over the course of the pandemic (figure above).

Meanwhile, European shares looked for new record highs, and Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson said investors may want to adopt a “large-cap defensive bias” in US equities considering the likelihood of tighter monetary policy and waning growth momentum stateside.

Wilson likes real estate, healthcare and consumer staples. If that sounds too sedate, stroll over to Reddit and see if anyone with crypto laser eyes wants to engineer a gamma squeeze in Tesla.

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