World’s Wealthiest 10 Now $729 Billion Richer Since Pandemic

2021 was another good year to be rich. Every New Year's Eve, I refresh the numbers for the world's top 10 richest people and, when applicable, reprise a few familiar talking points. As the curtain closed on 2021, millions of people globally were being infected with COVID-19 every, single day. The Omicron variant catalyzed a new wave of cases, forcing governments to institute new containment measures or, perhaps more aptly, reinstitute familiar protocols. The silver lining is that, although hi
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2 thoughts on “World’s Wealthiest 10 Now $729 Billion Richer Since Pandemic

  1. Connecting the dots between wealth and data control is a top-notch insight. Even scarier is looking at wealth, health, and data control (medical records are a potential commodity, if they aren’t a commodity already).

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