In Red-Hot US Housing Market, 19% Surge Counts As ‘Cool’

The rate of appreciation in US home prices is slowing. Albeit only slightly. I'm not convinced of the utility in dedicating separate coverage to every incremental update on a housing market that's still too hot to safely handle, but it's notable that the inevitable leveling off in the pace of gains is upon us. The YoY increase on the Case-Shiller 20-City gauge was 18.4% for October, data out Tuesday showed. That was a touch lower than estimates, and represented a third straight month of coolin

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One thought on “In Red-Hot US Housing Market, 19% Surge Counts As ‘Cool’

  1. National averages are one thing.
    However, in certain markets (i.e. San Diego) entry level condos are priced starting at $500,000 and are still going under contract in less than a week. Literally, nothing is available. Prices are still trending higher over the last 3 months.
    I have been watching for a family member.

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