Jobless Claims Stay Low, Congress Averts Government Shutdown

A week after falling to the lowest level since 1969, US jobless claims rose. But not as much as anticipated. 222,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the week to November 27 (figure below). That was 18,000 less than consensus. The prior week was revised even lower, to 194,000. The four-week moving average dropped to 238,750, within shouting distance of the 225,500 on March 14, 2020. Continuing claims dropped 107,000 to 1.956 million, also lower than forecast. Recall that the p
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4 thoughts on “Jobless Claims Stay Low, Congress Averts Government Shutdown

  1. Yes John, how things change. 15 years ago I used to amuse myself in certain conversations blurting “ “That liberal piece of shit Reagan.” Because it was beginning to be kooky, we are now there.

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