Apples, Hawks And Boosters

Uncertainty lingered on Thursday, as traders assessed a smattering of Omicron headlines, more relatively hawkish Fed banter and reports of weakening demand for Apple's iPhone 13 lineup. On the virus front, the Biden administration unveiled a new COVID plan. "New actions to protect Americans against the Delta and Omicron Variants as we battle COVID-19 this winter," read the title of a fact sheet. Good luck making an acronym from that. The White House listed multiple steps aimed at ensuring some

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6 thoughts on “Apples, Hawks And Boosters

  1. Smartphones have achieved the same state as PC’s did in the early 2000’s. New products are not significant improvements over their previous models enough to drive consumers to upgrade annually or even biannually anymore. This should be concerning to investors as Dell, Gateway, and HP were all crushed by slowing PC purchase momentum.

  2. ” The White House promised to make “any new COVID-19 treatment pills” that meet the FDA’s standards “equitably accessible to all Americans, regardless of their income or their zip code.”

    — if only we could have the same standards apply for voting purposes… in the US and rest of world… imagine …

  3. H-Man, rarely do I disagree with your assessments of the current state of affairs. But I think accelerated tapering is a done deal and hikes will follow immediately. But that wisdom and a $1 buys a cup of cheap coffee.

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