At US Factories, A Compendium Of Complaints

At US Factories, A Compendium Of Complaints

At this point, getting a "clean" read on where we are in the post-pandemic economic rebound is mostly impossible, even when you're consulting so-called "hard" data. With "soft" data, you can forget it. Myriad distortions continue to play havoc with efforts to forecast the trajectory of various recoveries across economies, including and especially the world's largest. It's with that in mind that ISM manufacturing came in slightly ahead of estimates for October in data released Monday. At 60.8 (
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5 thoughts on “At US Factories, A Compendium Of Complaints

  1. not a lot is said about China not shipping..due to continued substantial covid lockdowns. the news in the US is ‘no workers’ or ‘union dockworkers working slow’. what is ironic/funny is how US corporations invited many to reitre early (airlines, hospitals come to mind) which is a long term/permanent solution to a temporary problem. Corporate greed perhaps forced that thinking, as opposed to paid furloughs which would be too horrific in today’s ‘unheard of wealth and income imbalanced’ US (paying people to not work!! never!) But now, labor has the upper hand and is pushing wages up, which are sticky. Just heard another posit that 4.5% inflation is ‘runaway’.

    1. Corporate greed (and short term profits as evidenced by stock prices) is the downfall of modern capitalism. US corporations drove offshoring for 40 years because of that mentality. How long will it take to unwind that? And how well will that work when the most important factor is tomorrow’s stock price.

  2. It was surprising that ISM was not stronger IMHO…Given how it tends to track cyclical/defensive equities, it ought to have been stronger…that said with G3 credit impluse leading indicator pointing to a rollover, a quite steep one, then maybe it is just noise.

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