Even If It All Comes Crashing Down Tomorrow

Even If It All Comes Crashing Down Tomorrow

Even if central banks stumble into a policy mistake and it all comes crashing down as a result, it's been a good run. US equities entered November coming off their best monthly performance since the election (simple figure below). October's rally relegated September's swoon to the dustbin of history. The S&P is up some 105% since the pandemic panic lows. Global stocks were similarly buoyant. October was the best month of the year for the MSCI gauge. On the line is a four-week win strea
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2 thoughts on “Even If It All Comes Crashing Down Tomorrow

  1. I just sold a piece of real estate which was a significant chunk of my net worth. The market will not come crashing down tomorrow (or even soon) so that I can re-deploy those funds into the market at a good price. I have never been that lucky!

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