US Consumer Faces ‘Harder Path Ahead’

US Consumer Faces ‘Harder Path Ahead’

"With COVID fears likely to persist through the winter virus season, it might take a while for spending to recover in still-depressed categories such as very high-contact and office-adjacent services," Goldman wrote, in a new note striking a somewhat cautious tone on the US consumer, who faces "a harder path ahead." You can hardly blame anyone who's skeptical on the notion that consumption will remain sufficiently robust in the months ahead to anchor optimistic assumptions about the trajectory
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3 thoughts on “US Consumer Faces ‘Harder Path Ahead’

  1. I’m not sure if we have any sports fans here on this site but I was taken aback by the number of raucous and maskless crowds I witnessed over the weekend for College Football games. Only in a Covid world would I even think “I wonder how many people are going to end up infected from this.” I really do hope the British model applies here because what I saw over the weekend could easily lead to the worst wave yet of Covid infections and deaths in the United States. Especially with 12 and under not able to be vaccinated and being forced into confined spaces with any number of those sports fans.

    1. in SF Bay Area the baseball team Giants hosted SoCal’s Dodgers this past w/e…first sellout since pandemic…20% Dodger fans, most presumably flew up, and paraded en masse up the SF streets together to get to the ballpark…I watched a bit on tv, did not see one mask…on the positive side, while the vaccines are being strenuously tested they appear to be holding…so far…

  2. From a recent WA state story related to their covid spike (Washington State COVID Hospitalizations Bump up Again):

    “She’s particularly concerned about the thousands of people who visited the area this past weekend for the Ellensburg Rodeo and parade, the Kittitas County Fair and the High Country Log Show in Roslyn. One county over, the Gorge Amphitheatre also hosted a Dave Matthews Band concert over the weekend, she said.

    “I don’t believe there was a lot of masking going on, and our vaccination rate is about 50%,” Petersen said. More patients are expected as the week continues, she said.”

    ==> A lot of the current virus spike is due to vaccinated people pretending they have immunity and thus making a choice to be mask-free in large gatherings are just as guilty as the un-vaccintaed/mask-free morons. It’s great that people wanna party on like the pandemic is done, but obviously very few people are willing to accept reality and then take actions to reduce risk.

    In that light, this winter is going to be a nightmare.

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