Bland Orators And Bad Tasseography

Bland Orators And Bad Tasseography

On Thursday afternoon, while wailing Afghans and shell-shocked military personnel were bagging up bodies and sorting through the scattered, bloodied belongings of several dozen people blown apart by a suicide bomber at Kabul's international airport, American traders and investors were busy parsing the utterances of three Fed officials. "Oh, to be dealt such a hand in life," is what some newly handless Afghan amputee would say, through burned lips quivering beneath layers of bandages, if you tol
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8 thoughts on “Bland Orators And Bad Tasseography

  1. When I was looking at paint swatches to repaint my office (which I call “the library” because I am an ass) I stopped the moment I saw Rich Mahogany. Now anytime I show a new person into the library, I take a deep inhale and announce, “Smells like rich mahogany.”

  2. H-Man, you spilled some good digital ink, close to the best but not the best you have inked. Tasseography stunned me until the Google search told me it was “tea leaves”. I was relieved to know it wasn’t a secret formula used by the Fed.

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