The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

"Despite most of Street being at December, I still think there's a real chance for the Fed to 'firm' the message in September after their updated SEP, which means they could then go with a surprise November announcement," Nomura's Charlie McElligott said Tuesday. He was, of course, talking about the timeline on a taper unveil. Obviously, an announcement of the Fed's intention to pare monthly asset purchases is distinct from the actual commencement of the taper. That goes without saying for even
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3 thoughts on “The Future Is Now

  1. The Fed is not driving the car here. They are price takers. Tell me how the virus and fiscal policy develops and I will tell you what the FOMC will do. Right now all the folks pushing taper are foolish in my view. What is the hurry? The Fed would be wise to let the markets know that a taper is possible in the fall but is contingent on events. Commodity prices are not sounding the alarm- although wage rates at the low end of the pay scale are going up nicely. It is far better for the FOMC to be a little late, than too early and have to do a U turn on policy.

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