Party Over?

Party Over?

Risk sentiment was clearly impaired by pandemic concerns to kick off the new week, raising questions about whether the party might be over. Outbreaks in Asia and the many ironies of the UK's "Freedom Day" dominated headlines. Coco Gauff's announcement was a high-profile reminder that if the goal is "normal," we're not there. Let's not forget that although highly-effective vaccines and, by now, fortified healthcare systems, have allowed some rich nations to pretend things are generally fine, oth
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7 thoughts on “Party Over?

  1. Coco Gauff, a tennis player with millions on the line, and she wouldn’t get the vaccine?

    Of course, she could be vaccinated and also infected, but that’s rare, and wouldn’t they cut her some slack in that case?

  2. “also infected, but that’s rare” Unfortunately with Delta that’s not true anymore. Just heard this morning that a neighbor tested positive – fully vacs for months – found out because of a test needed for upcoming vacation abroad. Now the whole family has to go for a test. Vacation cancelled 🙁

  3. I am thinking tbis is a massive overreaction due to too much money sloshing around!
    My life has never operated in a straight line, this seems “de rigueur”.
    Fed is not leaving the party- that is all that matters over time.

  4. According to Bloomberg, the average year-end sell-side forecast for the US 10yr is 1.8%, which is down 10bps from a month ago, but still around 60bps above current levels. If that’s an accurate reflection of broader discretionary sentiment and positioning, yields could have further to fall.

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