Joe Biden Fixes Capitalism In 31 Short Pages

Joe Biden Fixes Capitalism In 31 Short Pages

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like every other speech and soundbite emanating from top Democrats amounts to a roundabout apology for countenancing the many perils of predatory capitalism. On Friday, during remarks coinciding with a new executive order aimed at promoting competition across the world's largest economy, Joe Biden called himself a "proud capitalist." He added a caveat. "Capitalism without competition isn't capitalism," he said. "It's exploitation." With apologies to the preside
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6 thoughts on “Joe Biden Fixes Capitalism In 31 Short Pages

  1. In 1970 President Nixon ordered the CIA to “make the economy scream” in Chile to “prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him.” During the late 1970s our screaming economy unseated President Carter and resulted in Reagan’s election. If history rhymes, we have $200/barrel oil in our immediate future as the empire strikes back.

  2. Here is a little story about (generally) wealthy democrats that I find not only amusing, but a good example of the hypocrisy of political parties.
    In 1999, the Aspen city council passed a resolution to petition the US Congress and President Clinton to restrict US immigration. Aspen residents cited concerns about the environmental impacts of increased immigration on their community, including urban and suburban sprawl, pollution from the older automobiles typically driven by immigrants, and litter accumulating in the mountains attributable to the increasing population. The impetus for the resolution was the increasing number of trailer parks that housed the migrant workers employed locally in the service sector and ski industry. The parks were perceived to be degrading to the town’s image, property values, and environment.
    In Colorado, Aspen deems itself as the ultimate within the Democratic party. Using environmental reasons to get rid of immigrants and trailer park housing is not honorable. Nothing against Aspen, I enjoy visiting there- but I can not trust any large, organized political party at this point.
    No wonder many Americans are “independent” voters.

    1. I don’t remember the year exactly but around the same time the Aspen rich were doing their thing the “salt of the earth” members of the downtown retail owners council in Cedar Rapids got together and decided there were too many new upstart business starting up in “their” downtown. They all signed a petition to the city council to pass a law granting these noble capitalist retailers absolute veto power over any new business formations they didn’t like so they could control their precious competitive environment. Sensibly, the city council showed them where they could get off.

  3. Thanks for providing this space, H.

    It’s a start. I reckon Joe B. and his advisors are still evolving their ideas about this (and other issues). But he has one advantage, which to many seems to be a shortcoming: He’s pushing 80! He has seen it all. I don’t think he gives a damn about distractions. To the extent he focuses on what’s important to the country, he does well. Off the subject – I’m looking forward to modest increases in corporate taxes that can be spent on sorely needed infrastructure improvements. Rather than just buying back their stock, modest corporate tax increases will benefit all of us, including corporates.

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