Something important happened on Thursday. 130 nations and jurisdictions signed onto an agreement to set a minimum corporate tax rate. "The framework updates key elements of the century-old international tax system, which is no longer fit for purpose in a globalized and digitalized 21st century economy," the OECD said. (In defense of the old system, I'm not sure anyone or anything is truly "fit for purpose in a globalized and digitalized 21st century economy.") The package has two pillars, the
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8 thoughts on “DNUT In The HOOD

  1. H: do you mind to explain how a company can have a $1.44b loss for q1 and revenue grows 300 yoy to $522.2 m for qtr? It can’t all be advertising/admin, etc? Appreciate your analysis

  2. Story time: I first subscribed to r/wallstreetbets in 2016 thinking it was about the stupid prop bets traders make all the time. Two such bets from my career involved Krispy Kreme donuts.

    A collection of about a dozen of us bet a guy ~$500 he couldn’t eat 13 KK glazed donuts in 3 minutes, with the stipulation that he had to keep it down.

    He won the bet. Said later he felt a bit jittery, but that was it.

    Another bet, a guy ate a 7 month old donut that had been sitting in the bottom of a flower vase for about $200. Apart from the difficulty of eating something that was rock hard, he was fine and won the bet easily.

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