Equities meandered somewhat aimlessly into the new week, as traders and investors eyed key US data and a sparse calendar of Fed speakers including Barkin, Williams and Quarles.

One bank wonders if folks are becoming “delusional.” “[One] way to show the paucity of prospective returns is to consider a 60/40 portfolio, where we proxy equities returns by long term earnings yield (1/37= 2.7%) and bond returns by the current 10-year yield (1.5%),” SocGen said, in their Q3 asset allocation outlook.

“The weighted average of the two is at a historic low right now, illustrating how delusional many investors are,” the bank added. The figure (below) is eye candy. Take it for what it’s worth, which may be something or may be absolutely nothing.

The pandemic is still with us, by the way. The pernicious Delta variant is proving especially vexatious for the best laid plans of public health officials and politicians. Greater Sydney is in full-on lockdown at least through July 9, for example. “Over the past 10 days, a cluster that began with an airport limousine driver… has jumped to nearly 100 cases, with dozens more expected,” The New York Times wrote, of the first citywide lockdown since the early days of the crisis. Metropolitan area residents are only permitted to leave their homes for medical necessities, exercise or food, with some exceptions for other activities deemed “essential,” like caring for family members.

Europe is likewise beset. “The variant… accounts for practically all new positive tests [in the UK], and it’s becoming more prevalent elsewhere, account[ing] for 15% of new cases in Germany in the week to June 13,” Bloomberg wrote, in the ominously-titled “Delta Variant Threatens to Destroy Another European Summer.” The strain accounts for a fifth of new cases Ireland and Portugal has a serious problem. As one top executive in Portugal’s hospitality industry recently put it, “I always said that it will be end 2021, early 2022 until COVID is really controlled.” She’s not delusional.

Meanwhile, centrist lawmakers in the US seem generally satisfied that Joe Biden won’t explicitly link a reconciliation bill with the bipartisan infrastructure proposal unveiled last week.

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In other words, Biden’s pseudo-apology (for an errant veto threat) was seen as sufficient to reestablish centrist Republicans’ plausible deniability. They’ll still support the infrastructure plan, even as Democrats move forward with bypassing the filibuster in order to push the rest of Biden’s agenda through Congress. When the two pieces of legislation end up on his desk at virtually the same time, it’ll just be a coincidence.

The bottom line: The White House will get both an infrastructure deal and a version of the American Families Plan. And the vast majority of Americans will be better off for it.

But nobody should delude themselves. None of it is “transformational.” This is, after all, a caretaker government, not a revolution. Biden’s is a placeholder administration tasked with facilitating a smooth transition as the country backs away from a failed experiment in soft-autocracy.

Eventually, delusional Americans will stop being delusional and elect a Progressive. That’s assuming poor and middle-class voters one day realize the economic precarity they share is infinitely more important than the irrational prejudices and “values” that prompt many lower-income citizens to vote against their families’ financial well-being while clinging to ridiculous narratives like the one that says they can trust a pathological, billionaire narcissist more than they can their local bartender.

Apropos (maybe), anyone who gets the “Americas” edition of Bloomberg’s “The Bloomberg Open” newsletter was greeted with this subject line on Monday morning: “Super hot yacht spot.”

“The super rich are steering their superyachts to Greece,” we’re told. Greece now “tops Bloomberg’s superyacht leaderboard for the first time, with at least 194 parked off its shores as of June 25, a jump of more than 80 from last month.”

The news that matters to you and your family. After all, if you just work hard enough, you too can have a superyacht and park it in Greece. Capitalism told me so.

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8 thoughts on “Delusions

  1. “Eventually, delusional Americans will stop being delusional and elect a Progressive.”

    What makes you so certain of this? Fox News is still the most watched “news network” (classified under entertainment news) in the country. I personally have given up any faith that Americans can break the hate habit and start using their brains for more helpful purposes like thinking.

    1. I half-heard the result of a recent poll on the radio this morning. It was reported that 57% of GOP voters believe that the pandemic is now over versus 4% of Dems.

  2. Fox may be the most watched cable news network, but that is because it is the only choice,
    if you want news from a conservative viewpoint.

    Most Americans still watch MSM network news and CNN and MSNBC combined have more viewers than Fox.

    However, there is no question that Fox continues to drive the pro-Trump conservative narrative.

    1. So if Fox News is the only choice to watch if you want the Conservative viewpoint, the programming on that network informs quite a bit about what the Conservative viewpoint is. Big business = must be protected and enriched, Christianity = the only religious option, Abortion = worse than anything else that happens in this world, The White Man = a victim of everything that ever happens in this country, Police = Never lie, cheat, steal, or murder, Minorities killed by police = had it coming, Democrats = The enemy of the country, Progressives = Socialists who are destroying YOUR country.

      Yeah, I’m sure someday these people are going to vote a progressive into power. gigantic eyeroll

      1. All of which is why (and my daughter hates it when I say this) I am really glad I’m old. I should only have to endure two more stupid presidents, tops.

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