‘I’m Not Signing It’

‘I’m Not Signing It’

Purported GOP "centrists" are irritated with Joe Biden. And some White House aides are doing damage control duty. Last week, a handful of readers seemed flummoxed by the derisive cadence I adopted while outlining and editorializing around the bipartisan infrastructure proposal formally unveiled on Thursday. One line of criticism is straightforward: $579 billion in new spending is laughably insufficient to modernize the nation's infrastructure and recalibrate the world's largest economy. Overal
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6 thoughts on “‘I’m Not Signing It’

  1. What is anathema to the Two Political parties but I and one heck of a lot of Americans might well be ready for is a Three party system .It would serve to isolate one or the other or both the extremist elements .’ For us or against us ‘ is what the system projects currently…and that is a non starter always.

    1. I’d argue we need a 5 party system. In a 3 party system it’s still too easy for 2 parties to dominate. 1. The Far Right 2. The Conservatives 3. The Centrists 4. The Green party 5. The Labor party.

  2. The world moves too fast for Joe Biden. He isn’t sure of what he said, and his handlers are trying to get him back on track. “What I think I believed I meant to say, that is and I mean this, is, wait what was the question from that guy, you know who I mean, over there (pointing0……

  3. A bump in the road. There will be many. Joe had foot in mouth this time. It was corrected, and things are back on track. So far, an objective observer would have to say that he is doing a good job with a pretty weak hand. He has a narrow legislative majority behind him and with that has gotten a decent part of his agenda passed. Don’t underate the funds to be distributed for various programs with more to come. It is helping the 90% at the bottom of the ladder. More of the agenda will be passed this year, and after the spring of next year, legislation will slow down as the parties gird for the mid-term elections. My concern will be for the second half of Biden’s term. Year 3 is often a difficult year for a President’s agenda and the economy.

  4. seriously … are we really running a country … or, is this a break-room board meeting at Trixie’s Five & Dime & Burger Parlor ??? … not meant to demean Trixie’s board members … all of whom, by the way subscribe here … it’s just a helluva lot more decisive and sensible around Trixie’s board …

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