Cold War Rhetoric Emerges As Key To Bipartisanship

Cold War Rhetoric Emerges As Key To Bipartisanship

US lawmakers understand why it's important for America to invest heavily (in this case almost a quarter-trillion dollars) in initiatives aimed at upgrading the domestic economy to ensure it can compete with China. But there's no such bipartisan support for upgrades to the very same domestic economy when the goals are repairing the country's "infrastructure" (broadly construed) and addressing the myriad societal inequities that threaten to tear the nation apart. A 68-32 Senate vote (late Tuesday
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5 thoughts on “Cold War Rhetoric Emerges As Key To Bipartisanship

  1. Congress hasn’t accomplished much in recent years (or decades). Maybe tracking their accomplishments directly against Xi’s is a way to motivate them to start actually working vs posturing. Game on for democracies vs totalitarian regimes and score keeping needs to be simple for most Americans to understand. If we could just get the online betting companies involved, US voters might pay attention and put pressure on their duly elected officials to do more than fund raise.

    1. Perfect, it speaks directly to our cultural penchant for competition – only individuals can play, and campaign funding could be tied directly to your standing in the Congressional “market.”

    1. I’m not sure it works there given how friendly Trump and the GOP seems to want to be with Russia. Xi represents communism still which gets their base amped up where as Putin is an authoritarian very friendly with a corrupt oligarchy which seems to be the path the GOP intends on walking the US down and generally seems to appeal to their base.

      1. +1

        Putin is everything Trump wishes he was and the GOP is very comfortable being the corrupt oligarchic layer between The Dear Leader and the patriotic, true Americans…

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