We’re All Cathie Wood

We’re All Cathie Wood

At this point, it almost feels gratuitous to deliver more play-by-play commentary on the recent trials and tribulations of Cathie Wood, whose funds have suffered in an environment of higher yields and heightened inflation expectations. And yet, because Ark is synonymous with the kind of "hyper-growth" names bearing the brunt of the rates pain in the equities space, mentioning Wood is obligatory. Ark ETFs witnessed a one-week outflow of roughly $1 billion as inflation concerns mounted and marke
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  1. Compare the BAML FMS chart to a chart of XLK rel to SP50. Whenever the BAML FMS allocation to tech hits a nadir – like now – XLK outsperforms SP50 goiing forward, for ahalf a year at least. The BAML FMS is a good reflection of conventional wisdom aka “the thundering herd”.

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