And Miles To Go Before We Hike

And Miles To Go Before We Hike

In a parallel universe where the latest US jobs report showed the world's largest economy added a million or more positions last month, the market narrative this week would probably revolve around the notion that inflation and retail sales data has the potential to instill a sense of urgency in the Fed. Instead, market participants have leeway to contextualize this week's top-tier US data by reference to disappointing payrolls, which is arguably a good thing, to the extent any upside surprises
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4 thoughts on “And Miles To Go Before We Hike

  1. How did the expectations for the jobs report miss by 75%? Expecting a million and getting 250K seems ka razy, (like it is time to re-tool the methodology) from my limited experience.

  2. I think they are opening up but the pay for the open jobs is too low. If you are getting $15 an hour from unemployment why bother to get a job for $15 an hour. H has discussed this often, it’s not that people are reluctant to work it just makes no sense financially.

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