The One Thing Stocks Can’t ‘Live With’

The One Thing Stocks Can’t ‘Live With’

"No matter what, we’ve seen the market predominantly go up, not down," one PM and equity analyst told Bloomberg Friday, as stocks rose despite (or, in some sense, because of), the lackluster April jobs report. She called it "amazing." I suppose that depends on one's definition of "amazing." Really, it's just another manifestation of a dynamic we've seen countless times previous, but with a twist. It harkens back to the "Goldilocks" regime, defined by decent (but not great) growth and subdued
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One thought on “The One Thing Stocks Can’t ‘Live With’

  1. “This can be quite the dizzying dance from a thematic perspective within equities.”~Mr. H
    Not just me!
    I feel like a Kindergarden Kid learning the Hookie Pookie some days.

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