US Consumers Are Living For Today

US Consumers Are Living For Today

Consumers agree with the Fed -- the inflation spike will be transient. I'm just kidding. I mean, that's what the data from the University of Michigan's survey suggests, but you can't draw any definitive conclusions from it. All sorts of things affect people's inflation expectations, including (and perhaps especially) what they hear and read, and there's been a steady stream of soundbites from policymakers insisting that price pressures will prove transient. The expected change in median prices
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4 thoughts on “US Consumers Are Living For Today

    1. We could barely agree that a K shape was better than none at all. We can’t seem to agree that building infrastructure matters at all. I mean Trump had 2 years to do anything he pleased basically and nobody bothered. Now of course the GOP will stand in the way of it. Why? Well I suspect that the Capitalists that own everything in this country have decided they are fine with two separate economies and that they have sufficient power now that any sort of civil unrest the masses can arrange won’t actually affect them in the slightest. Given the degree to which recent civil unrest has damaged small family owned businesses and franchises far more severely than large corporate enterprises I do not think anything is dissuading them of that notion soon.

      It also lines up pretty well with the zero traction in addressing police violence, they aren’t there to protect and serve the masses.

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