Chafing At Xinjiang Rebuke, China Ready To Burn Off Some Fingers

Chafing At Xinjiang Rebuke, China Ready To Burn Off Some Fingers

China is irritated. Beijing on Saturday raised the temperature on simmering tensions with the west, slapping sanctions on a Canadian lawmaker and adopting retaliatory measures against the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. On Tuesday, USCIRF issued a statement lauding coordinated action against China for the systematic repression of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, where many fret Xi's regime may be engaged in heinous human rights violations. The Party vehemently denies the allega
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7 thoughts on “Chafing At Xinjiang Rebuke, China Ready To Burn Off Some Fingers

  1. ohh boy. a Chinese naval base Iran? Throw the religionists off the real story. I had to look high and low during the earlier days of Belt and Road about Xinjiang because it was a rail hub and part of Chinas move West. The news lid was on that place long enough to clamp it down. Former Administrations hole card, now is kind of late to this game.
    Like Tibet, already a rewrite. “Harmonious” when the outside gets a look see. Just a couple of trouble makers like elsewhere. All over.

  2. china becoming more assertive in terms of foreign policy is a consequence of their economic success.
    if they want to challenge the current order, they have to start somewhere

  3. For 2000 years, the Chinese has never embarked on an expansionist colonialist policy since the Great Wall was built. When faced with a resource to population imbalance, they turned inwards via the one child policy around the times of the cultural revolution to structurally solve the challenge.

    The amazing thing is that there was no regime change and people actually complied in aggregate to achieve the intended effect of the one child policy.

    The Cabel that chooses to promote and pedal a righteous high horse rhetoric on human rights over China ought to look in the mirror reflect upon the parasitic unbridled capitalist concepts that they represent and promote that is currently eating up the world in the name of “growth” and “individual freedom”

    1. What about HK, Taiwan and the South China seas? No expansion there. They are also setting up colonies in many countries through their Belt and Road projects. While capitalism has many faults, most of the capitalistic countries are at least free.

  4. “Military action against the Chinese is an endeavor that only the US could realistically ponder, and even there, “realistically” is a relative term.’

    As I recall the right in the US was NOT excited about protecting Bosnian Muslims from nice “Christians” in Serbia and Croatia. That was in Europe but many in the GOP opposed it.

    So how many Americans would support going to war with China to defend Muslim people? Especially among the Trump base. For an indication, read John Bolton’s narrative on this in his recent memoir.

    Taiwan would garner more support – partly historical, due to the success of Henry Luce and William Randolph Hearst attempts to deify Chiang Kai-shek and his lovely wife.

    Sadly, more support might be drummed up if China made efforts to disrupt the supply of chips from TSM, Why, that might limit the supply of chips going to APPLE iPhones!

  5. the middle kingdom never really learnt to look past its navel. hence walls and isolation and self-centered views of the world. as for oil supply, the US navy is the gatekeeper. looking back to 1972, global tailwinds are ending for china

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