Rocket Science And Sacrilege

Rocket Science And Sacrilege

US equities stormed higher into the weekend, as another late afternoon surge propelled shares to records. The S&P capped off a tedious five sessions with its best daily gain in three weeks, thanks in part to energy, which jumped nearly 3%. Financials rose more than 1.5%. Big-tech also managed to eke out a gain on the week thanks to Friday's afternoon fireworks. The Russell, which recently fell into correction territory, wasn't so lucky. That said, small-caps rose ~4% between Thursday and F
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2 thoughts on “Rocket Science And Sacrilege

    1. Yes insane and I usually do as you do.. We have learned that this type of momentum has a level of predictability only because of it’s time frame… Witness XIV as well as Tech out performance ,Tesla and Bitcoin…

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