New Year’s Resolutions, Infrastructure And Drunken Darts

New Year’s Resolutions, Infrastructure And Drunken Darts

While regular people are still sorting out how to allocate their "stimmy" (and I'm still chuckling at the extent to which America speaks almost exclusively in memes now), Wall Street has turned its focus to the forthcoming infrastructure bill. Revitalizing American infrastructure is a lot like that New Year's resolution you make every January, but never keep. Politicians are usually fine with paying lip service to the desirability of infrastructure initiatives, which have some bipartisan appeal
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5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions, Infrastructure And Drunken Darts

  1. au contraire, Heisenberg! your younger temperament would appear to have been right at home in various mayors (and governors) mansions! – it is your sharp intellect and astute self-awareness,now, that would have you out of place!

  2. Big party U.S.A. Hope the whole world joins in.
    My attitude changed the day I got my first dose of vaccine.
    Chafing at the bitt.
    Creativity will flourish as usually happens after upheavals.
    Opportunities will abound.

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