‘Feel The Market’ Next Time, Jay

‘Feel The Market’ Next Time, Jay

Jerome Powell's webinar with The Wall Street Journal didn't go well. Or at least not if you define "well" by reference to the market reaction. That Powell "failed" to pacify the market was hardly surprising. His cadence and demeanor are not amenable to a job that has, over the years, become heavily dependent on the use of academic doublespeak to placate investors and traders. "Plain English," as Powell famously dubbed his approach, was doomed from the beginning to result in episodic bouts of v
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5 thoughts on “‘Feel The Market’ Next Time, Jay

  1. Even before reading anything about Powell’s remarks, I knew the gist from the early afternoon market reaction.

    One would have thought that by now Powell would have developed a better sense for calming markets. His continuing lack of subtlety is in a position where nuance is frequently important is something of a concern.

  2. If I’m the Fed chair and I’m seeing the bubble stocks implode but indices cushioned considerably by resurgent cyclicals I’m feeling pretty good….. nervous of course, but aware that there are far worse alternatives (TAFWA).

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