Idiocy And The Art Of Getting Lost

This brings us closer to answering the nagging question that just won’t go away: Why are madness and stupidity embraced as a tool of political alchemy? The answer is surprisingly simple: Because stupidity is efficient -- Read more from NOTES FROM DISGRACELAND and follow on Twitter 24. II 2021 Sanity is a small box; insanity is everything. (Charles Manson) Two erotic modes of modernity The real genius of Kafka was to eroticize bureaucracy, a non-erotic entity which in the early 20th century

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7 thoughts on “Idiocy And The Art Of Getting Lost

  1. Charlie is a very quotable fellow….. stupidity is more than efficient, it appeals to lesser, lazier intellects….easily understood and transmitted, forging a common bond among disparate characters……who found the imperfect leader, a clever mimic with low brow phrases……

  2. So stupidity is just cathartic ?

    Seems like the simple solution for the idiosyncratics amongst us is to slide back on the vertical plane just a tad so as to revert back to where ignorance is bliss.

  3. If any of what I just read is actually accurate we are doomed because we’re now teaching stupidity in our schools so everyone can practice. When my daughter was in middle school 30+ years ago she was enrolled by the school in their “talented and gifted program.” In the first class of the semester she and her seven classmates were told by the teacher that they had the one trait that was bound to make the rest of their life miserable: they were all super intelligent and talented. She said that they should expect for the rest of their lives to be mocked, bullied and generally mistreated because they were “smart.” The teacher said that if they knew what was good for them they would stop acting smart and join the rest of their classmates in the blissful state of average. Needless to say the eight students went home with the same story and by the scheduled time for the second meeting all eight had been withdrawn by their parents, forced to educate themselves. BTW, Palin, IMHO, was all about the big deal outfits the GOP furnished for to her for the campaign trail. She could see Russia from Fairbanks and the ocean from her hotel in Orlando so clearly she hadn’t exactly figured out anything beyond the new clothes.

  4. It does seem like the lowest common denominator has become the norm. I remind myself regularly that an IQ of 100 is the average, that half of the population is under 100. Our execrable education system ensures that ignorance is widespread. It is hard to tell, as the author notes, whether the ignorance spewing out of the mouths of otherwise well educated politicians is because the person is stupid, or is calculating. The lack of shame exhibited by Palin is in my mind now exceeded by the hypocrisy of our current politicians kowtowing to the great god Trump, despite earlier objections to his candidacy based on his known traits, and acknowledgment of his complicity in the Capitol insurgency. There is no limit their shame.

    I am most troubled by how truth has become debatable. The offhand response by Kellyanne Conway of “alternative facts” explaining away Sean Spicer’s falsehoods scared the living daylights out of me. This is the pigs talking. The politicians have forgotten that we are the people.

  5. First they laugh.
    Then they hate.
    Finally they demand it.

    Always has been, always will be.

    Stupid people have always subjected themselves to being trained.
    Why else would there be the made-up game called religion?

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