Raiders Of The Lost ARK

Raiders Of The Lost ARK

They'll turn on you fast. Anyone who's ever enjoyed even a modicum of success involving the adoration of other people knows humans are fickle beasts. They'll abandon ship at the first sign of trouble, with the only exception being bad sports teams, which, for reasons scientists have yet to discern, manage to retain their grip on fans come hell or high water. And now, to Cathie Wood. The rather dramatic slide in Tesla's shares earlier this week helped fuel a veritable exodus from some of her E
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2 thoughts on “Raiders Of The Lost ARK

  1. “I’d have to agree. I’ve been humbled more times than most men, I’d venture, and come out better for it.”

    yes you have, H, and congrats on your stability, success, and hopefully happiness…and …

    “…stay humble my friend…”

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