‘Dip’pin Dots

‘Dip’pin Dots

"I would be surprised if there was support in the Republican caucus if the bill comes out at $1.9 trillion," Susan Collins said Tuesday, suggesting (again) that Joe Biden's stimulus plan isn't likely to receive any GOP support. It's still not clear what Republicans are hoping to achieve by standing so publicly in opposition to the COVID relief proposal. That's not to say it's surprising. But if the idea is to curry favor with a base that's perhaps more economically "diverse" (if that's the righ
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3 thoughts on “‘Dip’pin Dots

  1. When the world’s largest economy has a minimum wage you can’t live on, then that economy is broken, rolling down the road as smoothly as a square wheel. Imagine what a living wage could do for a country that’s trying to eat itself from the inside because a scarcity mentality has turned the masses against one another.

  2. Joe Manchen is against 15 an hour, which means he’s worried his West Virginian constituents won’t support it. it arguably makes no sense but if you already make 15 an hour you don’t feel like the bottom of the totem pole. When 15 an hour becomes the bottom there’s no more room for self delusion.

    1. My child was arguing this with me the other day. She thinks $15 is too high because all the folks who now get $15 will now have to confront the idea they are being screwed (they are). And they could get what they make now in a minimum wage job. I hate to say so, but those who make $15 already make a minimum wage. My daughter argues those people won’t get any more when the minimum goes up so its not fair to raise the minimum because only the lowest caste in society will get more. I’ll never convince this benighted soul that we are not supposed to be the country with our feet on the necks of the very poorest of our brethern.

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