Fine, But Who Will Make The Pizza?

Fine, But Who Will Make The Pizza?

Now, I'll write the article I meant to write at noon on Friday. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, I'll deliver a fleeting glimpse into my own life, either past or present. While the names are often (but not always) changed, the stories are true. Although most readers who've come along for the ride over the past, say, two years, likely aren't familiar with the early "classics," one of the reasons people flocked to my initial pseudonymous musings was the chance I'd toss in a slice-of-life vignet
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4 thoughts on “Fine, But Who Will Make The Pizza?

  1. Is it the rich get richer or the more intelligent get richer? i would hazard a guess that the top 10% in wealth are also the more intelligent. That is why there are so many intuitive new ideas that enable the wealthy to keep their money and why the stock market ( their primary investment vehicle) is continually reengineered.

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