‘Whatever It Takes.’ Again. Again.

‘Whatever It Takes.’ Again. Again.

Global equities pressed higher, buoyed by earnings and the prospect (or is it just a "promise" now?) of perpetual stimulus both monetary and fiscal. US shares were generally mixed following results from Amazon and Google. The dollar, which was attempting a comeback to the chagrin of risk, stalled, but it should be on the watch list. After suffering another one of its regularly scheduled crises of government, Italy just decided to let Mario Draghi do it. He's poised to become prime minister, wh
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2 thoughts on “‘Whatever It Takes.’ Again. Again.

    1. John, you missed the sarcasm hints (e.g. Tugg Speedman, making a difference five times before). The same old leadership hasn’t fixed the macro dynamics, only slowed the decay. Will Draghi turbocharge Italian exports?

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