‘God Bless Them’

‘God Bless Them’

"If one group of speculators wants to have a battle of wills with another group of speculators over an individual stock, God bless them," Neel Kashkari said Monday, speaking during a virtual town hall event. "That’s for them to do, and if they make money, fine. And if they lose money, that’s on them." Somebody will invariably quote that if, heaven forbid, the Reddit crowd somehow ends up in a "battle of wills" that spills over or otherwise poses a systemic risk, forcing Kashkari and his col
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One thought on “‘God Bless Them’

  1. CME just raised margin requirement on silver trades by 18%. Robinhood will survive, if only by the skin of its teeth (too many rich dudes are unwilling to see it fail); r/wallstbets is going to ened up a footnote o financial history.

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