Under Siege (A Special Set Of Blinders)

Under Siege (A Special Set Of Blinders)

Given the increasingly glaring disconnect between markets and the real world, I suppose it's only fitting that US equities managed to hold onto gains Wednesday despite chaos at the Capitol. The day began with Democrats claiming victory in Georgia, where Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff managed to pull off what, right up through Election Day, many still believed was highly unlikely: They flipped the state, capturing both Senate seats. By noon, the runoffs and an accompanying rally on Wall Street
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12 thoughts on “Under Siege (A Special Set Of Blinders)

  1. I’m a little concerned that the seating of Ossoff, and perhaps even Warnock, will not be easy. Republicans love to repeat strategies from their playbook. In 2008, the seating of Al Franken was delayed long past the time it was obvious that he won. As a result, the Democrats in the Senate did not have the 60 votes they needed on major legislation. Now, with the Republicans knowing that they can claim any election as stolen without evidence, they can work to contest these results. Eventually, they will have to seat the winners. But isn’t there a chance they will contest the elections and try to delay seating the winners in order to keep their Senate majority for a few months?

  2. “Trump also assailed Pence. “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done,” he said, in a tweet sent towards the end of the Capitol siege.”

    He may not be done yet, folks.

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