Georgia Blues

Georgia Blues

"We were told that we couldn’t win this election, but tonight we proved that with hope, hard work and the people by our side, anything is possible," Raphael Warnock said, speaking early Wednesday morning, as the vote count continued in the Georgia. At the time, it was clear Warnock had defeated Kelly Loeffler, but Jon Ossoff was still trailing David Perdue. Fast forward several hours and Ossoff was ahead, poised to become the youngest US senator elected in four decades. The sense of desperat
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14 thoughts on “Georgia Blues

  1. We can hope. Trump would be far less dangerous if the GOP leadership didn’t cave in all the time. The issue is that the GOP leadership can’t exactly ignore its own base constantly.

    And indeed how many GOP leaders are now thinking of being the next Trump? Ted Cruz is definitely interested…

  2. Trump paved the way for Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and whomever else is willing to ignore their oaths for the sake of power. In other words, this ain’t over, and it may never be over until we actually have a pure authoritarian in control.

    1. Hawley and Cruz have ensured their non-viability as future presidentia candiddates with their stunt. The voters nationally and in their respective states will reject them the next time either seeks eelection or the GOP presidential nomination.

  3. Can’t get Trump out of the WH soon enough. According to JHU, at least 3,775 Americans lost their lives to the coronavirus on Tuesday – the highest single-day death toll since the pandemic began….

    1. Jon Ossoff is exactly the type of younger politician that our country desperately needs more of. No wonder he received record donations for his campaign. I hope many other Americans with leadership potential are inspired by him to serve our country.

        1. ” … these Trump republicans don’t want to serve but dictate.” Right. And that’s not just Trump, it’s the history of the US. Go back to the 1600s and reread the Scarlet Letter or the sermons of Cotton Mather. The original colonists who came here (all immigrants, of course) didn’t want pure freedom. Rather they wanted to be in charge of their neighbors. They weren’t looking for religious freedom they just wanted their religion to be in charge instead of someone else’s. These were individuals who were marginalized in their home countries so the came here to get a chance to be in charge for once, to dictate to others, not be dictated to by family elders, old traditions, social class distinctions. They liked those ideas but they wanted to be on the other side of them, own their own slaves, mistreat their own lower class workers, and make the laws their way instead of having to follow those from the other guys. The US has always been about power and controlling the masses. Make no mistake. MAGA was about “make me be in charge.” But it was not really a new idea, more like 400 years old.

    1. Warnock will be up for reelection in 2022. He will finish Isakson’s 6-year term, which began in 2016. Loeffler was an interim appointment stemming from Isakson’s resignation in 2019.

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