Nero 2024

Nero 2024

Even if Donald Trump signed the latest COVID-19 relief bill on Saturday, enhanced benefits for the jobless would lapse. As The New York Times explained, after chatting with Michele Evermore of the National Employment Law Project, "states will still need time to reprogram their computer systems to account for the new law" and because they can't pay out benefits "for weeks that begin before the bill is signed," failure to sign it Saturday would mean the earliest benefits could resume would be the
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5 thoughts on “Nero 2024

  1. Strange Trump called the Supreme Court incompetent and weak. He appointed a third of them, gleefully. Too bad he probably won’t live long enough to understand how our government actually operates.

  2. Scholars of US presidents should easily pin the Trump administration into the fourth quartile (where the first quartile includes the most highly regarded administrations).

    The question then is where does Trump fall in this fourth quartile. He lost the popular vote twice, was impeached, served only one term, a term filled with scandal, as evidenced by the over 200 indictments, and abandoned his duties during both a pandemic and a catastrophic economic crisis.

    I was just reading a Bloomberg article from April 2020. The author of that article brings up the point that we are witnessing an example of the Confederacy reigning in the Executive branch. The author didn’t say this, but I will…maybe there is a second Confederacy reigning, the other being that of the Dunces.

      1. None. The base is overjoyed with Trump

        Though… someone was predicting that we would start to move away from polarisation in 2021… that centrism would again reign supreme as people got fed up with extremism on either/both sides (as if they were comparable but i guess it’s fair to assume that the average moron on the streets does not indeed distinguish between parties)

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