The Worst Optics Imaginable

US equities ended lower on Friday as the curtain closed on what should have been a consequential week. While market participants were assured that "deadlines" around Brexit and a new US stimulus package were actually "deadlines," that turned out not to be the case. Cans were kicked, although resolution on both fronts is expected either Friday evening or, at the latest, over the weekend. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi, who were both vaccinated for COVID-19 on Friday, asked their staff to clos

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18 thoughts on “The Worst Optics Imaginable

  1. Thank you, H., for underscoring the absurdity of Toomey’s and the GOP’s nihilistic tactics. One of your best. I mean, it’s almost as if they want democracy in America to die.

    1. They absolutely want America’s version of democracy to die. They are not shy about their desire to limit voting to a selected group of their choosing. They have some notion that a significant portion of the population doesn’t have a right to vote. That’s a 180 from what I learned about American democracy in the 50’s and 60’s. My wife, who taught school for 30 years, tells me public schools no longer have required civics classes. Can that possibly be true, we don’t teach our kids the tenets of democracy and good citizenship? Maybe Toomey is one of those lizard people QAnon folks talk about. Unfortunately, that’s the best explanation I have at the moment.

      1. I heard on PBS news tonight that Americans are dying from Covid at the rate of about one death every 30 seconds. And a significant number still can’t be bothered to wear a mask. They rant that it’s too much of a sacrifice even if it might save someone else’s life. And the President encourages them and sets the example. These people make a mockery of ‘home of the brave’. Something has gone dreadfully wrong in this country since WWII. ‘These colors don’t run’ is a joke when it turns out they were put on with invisible ink. And we are learning that everybody who is anybody has been (and still is) hacked by Putin. And the stock market is acting like a college kid on Spring Break pre-covid. How does this end well?

    1. I read the statement on Toomey’s website. Weird. What is going on? …the smell test.

      What was the point he was trying to make? (Obviously, this was the point of H’s article.) And, why, and why now? What is going on?

      1. What’s going on is simple, the GOP has a hit list of people and groups to harm and more than half of all of us are on it. The problem is society is too complex to use simple-minded tactics to accomplish this goal. Inevitably they will make simple mistakes and many more than expected will be harmed. We don’t need Russian and Chinese enemies, we have the GOP who are much more dangerous.

  2. I’m at a loss for words when it comes to these shenanigans. Does it just come down to power for power’s sake? Sabotage the democratic president and continue gaslighting their constituents into believing that they have their best interests in mind for what? I tend to fall in the camp that failings like this can usually be ascribed to incompetence as opposed to malice, but when it happens repeatedly, it becomes hard not to assume it’s something more nefarious. I just can’t wrap my head around republican senators’ willingness to impose suffering on so many people for the sake of donors and whatever power trip they get from being a senator. It’s clearly not just ideology because they only ever seem to find religion when a democrat is elected.

      1. Nobody cares about anybody but themselves in the final analysis. (A lot of folks will dispute that, but the fact is, we all die alone.)

        What makes this situation so absurd is how brazenly idiotic it is and how lawmakers are coming pretty close to that almost unreachable threshold where even the most undereducated, gullible voters will stop and say something like “Geez, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

        If you’re a politician, you shouldn’t ever get to that threshold in America. Voters are not, generally speaking, very smart. Americans are more inclined to believe Hugo Chavez hijacked Georgia’s electoral process from beyond the grave than they are to take a hard look at what’s actually going on in terms of Beltway incompetence.

        So, when you reach the point where you’re irritating a public that would rather be listening to Alex Jones’s radio show or watching looped videos of cats chasing laser pointers, you know you’ve really screwed up.

        And that’s the territory we’re getting into now in D.C. That’s what I’m trying to communicate here. When people start thinking a $600 check could be in the mail to them within a week and you’re the only thing that’s stopping that from happening, that’s when they turn on you. Senate Republicans would do well to try and understand that, especially ahead of the Georgia runoffs.

        1. I agree they are playing with something more powerful than fire, that a spark could set off a chain reaction. A reaction that may not die of it’s own accord. If you are to believe Ray Dalio’s analysis the economic conditions are at the brink where even a messy revolution by the poor may not be worse than doing nothing.

  3. Is it too much to hope that the Democrats can make the people of Georgia aware enough of what the Republicans are doing to turn the senate?

      1. One mind control technique is the normalization of atrocities. Those committed by Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin etc. This then encourages more radical behavior. I think the end is the hope there are enough patriots to commit innsurection.

        My greatest fear is a set up to a December 24th George Washington style attack on our country by ‘patriots’.

  4. I note that all the answers to the question about what is causing this Politicized “absurd ” behavior wind up being questions in the end…Could be to quote a psychologist friend (pun) ‘Could just be too many Rats in the cage ‘ The net outcome and trajectory of events may shed some more light on Today…

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