‘Most Significant Medical Advance In 100 Years’ Sets Off Market Fireworks

‘Most Significant Medical Advance In 100 Years’ Sets Off Market Fireworks

"I believe this is likely the most significant medical advance in the last 100 years, if you count the impact this will have [on] public health [and] global economy," Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Monday, while speaking to CNBC following news the company’s jointly-developed COVID-19 vaccine has an efficacy rate above 90%. Stocks, which were already poised to hit fresh highs on optimism around a return to normalcy under a Joe Biden administration, exploded higher. Generally speaking, Pfizer
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3 thoughts on “‘Most Significant Medical Advance In 100 Years’ Sets Off Market Fireworks

  1. This is indeed good news on the public health front. We needed this.

    I’m going to go to my local savings and loan later this week to open up a couple of tranches of CDs, take advantage of these new, phenomenally high interest rates.

  2. When you look back at how quickly the Federal Reserve intervened in March- it really does appear that they learned from prior mistakes (1987, 2000, 2008 etc) where they acted too slowly and too hesitantly.
    It seems hard to imagine, short of world war, what would be so horrible that the Fed would not jump in with both hands and feet (and as many USDs as required) and be able to “save the USA”.
    I am wondering what the money on the sidelines is thinking?

  3. In the interest of making sure the extraterrestrials have an additional fact around the events of this German-hosted miracle cure before all of our portfolios are wiped out by an authentic, Taleb-like black swan financial event, I thought I’d post this follow-on tidbit.

    The CEO of Pfizer, on Monday, the day of the miracle cure announcement, sold 130k+ Pfizer shares at pretty very nearly a 52-week high.

    I know there are blackout periods for executives.

    Notwithstanding, for a breakthrough that is a once in a 100-year public health celebration, and could possibly earn the scientific team involved a Nobel Prize at some point 20 years from now, this is not good for optics. What could possibly be wrong?

    For such a heralded event that would surely herald Pfizer a great amount of fame, and, likely, a fair amount of fortune in the meantime, this doesn’t bode well for the trust one would otherwise have for the vaccine. Is it money over public health after all? Will the Pfizer cure fizzle?

    Or, rather than this reflecting on the confidence of the vaccine’s long-term effectiveness, perhaps the sale reflects equally, or more so, on the banality of our elites, the mockery they make of citizens. That the CEO of Pfizer, on the same day announcing this breakthrough, sells a fortune in shares, is further evidence of how the ruling elites view all of us. We are their sheep.

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